Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo

Lake Bogoria and Baringo are two of several lakes in the spectacular Rift Valley, which are home to a fascinating fauna. It is truly a bird watcher´s paradise with over 400 recorded bird species in the area. Lake Bogoria is a shallow saline lake and one of the most beautiful and spectacular of the Rift Valley lakes. The waters of the lake contain the blue-green algae that attract massive flocks of thousands of flamingoes, turning the shores pink. Apart from the flamingos, we have the chance to observe birds of prey, such as the Fish eagles, which often prey on the flamingos. Other birds that can be observed are the grey crowned crane which can be seen engaging in courtship dances when they gather in flocks during the breeding season, common ostrich, black-headed herons, and sacred ibis. The shores are lined with Gazelle, Zebra, Buffalo, Impala, Baboons and the park is one of the best places in Kenya to see Greater Kudu, a mighty animal with splendid, spiraling horns.

Geothermal activity in the form of hot springs and geysers are located on the western shore. The springs erupt 2.5 -3 meters into the air and carry with them a strong pungent sulfur smell. However intriguing to watch, the springs are dangerously hot and care should be taken. The journey from Rhino Watch Lodge to the Rift Valley lakes takes approximately 5 hours each way crossing various fascinating landscapes. The length of the journey, however, makes it impossible to offer this safari as a day excursion, which should be taken into account while booking this as an individual tour.