Photographers & Film Teams in Kenya

Our expertise and experience have allowed for many professional photographers and film teams from around the world to work together with us in different locations. A 3-D film crew of Jean Michel Cousteau teamed up with us to shoot the new 3D IMAX film ‘Kenya 3D: the Animal Kingdom’, which will be released in the spring of 2013. Our latest cooperation has been with a German film crew from Bluenote TV.

Also, well-known nature photographers such as Joe Bunni and Gerard Soury have used our services for the creation of their photography books. With 3 D Entertainments, we have been on the road 5 times already for the shooting of a new film. For one of the filming productions, we headed into the remote Loita Hills to film the original and seldom seen Masai rituals. The logistical effort for this area is enormous since there is no trace of any tourist facilities, which made for a fascinating filming opportunity.

Our daughter Maisha Wirth had the opportunity to come along for a filming shoot on her 8th birthday. This turned out to be an amazing day for everyone involved, as apart from meeting the Masai people we also encountered the complete ‘Big Five’.

Kenya is a magnificent location for film and photography with a huge amount of diversity, relatively quiet parks, spectacular sceneries, and amazing wildlife. One of the areas we work in is the area of Lake Baringo, home to the Pokot tribe, which are semi-nomadic herdsmen and cultivators. They still live an authentic lifestyle.

For an amazing sight of massive flocks of thousands of flamingos, that turn the shores pink, we travel to Lake Bogoria. Impressive aerial footage can be taken here also. To get the perfect shot of wildlife can be a challenge at times and requires an endless amount of patience, as shows with the
African rock python in the photo below.

Obviously well-known African animals, such as elephants and lions, will never cease to feature in our productions. For aerial filming and photography, we have various different solutions. Whether you prefer to work with a Cessna, a helicopter, an air balloon, a remote-controlled Zeppelin, or an Octocopter, we can arrange it all for you.

Our safari vehicles are modified and prepared for all sorts of different situations and productions. If a camera crane is needed, we have one available for rent. Our experienced Rhino Watch safari team is specialized in dealing with the specific requests and requirements of professional photography and film teams. In the picture below you see black rhinos in front of 1 remote 4 x 4 car with a 3 D mount. We know the place where animals are not shy. The giraffes are interested in our Panasonic 3 D Cam mounted on a small tripod.

We are available to guide you wherever needed. The film productions or photography expeditions are planned according to your individual wishes. We arrange the filming and off-road permits and we provide logistics and personnel. Our experience is in turn reflected in our photography tours, which enables all of our guests to enjoy and benefit from our expertise. If you are interested in film production or professional work in Kenya, please contact us for more information.

For an impression of what is awaiting you, view the video below of a Kenya safari with Chris Bray Photography and Rhino Watch. Chris Bray is an award-winning Australian Geographic photographer and Ambassador for Canon Australia. Every year he runs two photo safaris with us in Kenya.

I’m July 2012 BMW produced the PR for the new GS 1200 at Rhino Watch.